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NC30/35 parts list

NC30/35 VFR750 rear wheel conversion  

(modified axle complete with studs & nuts, plus spacers to move chain line over by 5mm)                


NC30 jackup kit -

       Full kit (rocker and link)

       Link only

(shortened link gives 35mm jackup, modified rocker has roller bearing at shock mount - improves suspension action & ride quality)


NC30 jack down kit for the vertically challenged (-20mm F&R) 

NC35 jackup plate


NC30/35 footrest riser plates (c/w fittings & gear rod)

NC30/35 footrest kits -

       Race rearset - pegs 30mm up/15mm back

       (ACU legal pegs, short throw gear linkage)

       Road rearset - pegs 30mm up/15mm back

       (Fancy footpegs, fittings for brake light switch)           

       SES adjustable rearsets

(Full spare parts availability on all footrest kits in case of disaster!)


Fork conversion kits (including taper roller headraces) -       

NC30 frame/ZXR400L forks

NC30 frame/NC35 forks (now available again)

Brake caliper mounting kits -

       NC30 forks/SP1(CBR600RR/Fireblade) calipers                     

       NC30 forks/Brembo calipers (65mm mounting centres)

       ZXR400L forks/GSXR `K` series callipers


NC30 `sharkfin` chain guard c/w fittings

Alloy steering stem plugs NC30/35

NC30/35 fork clamp (for steering damper)

HRC-style (only better!) radiator header bottle

Alloy screen stay/mirror bracket -


Alloy race front fairing bracket (no h/lamp mount) -


Front Wheel bearings NC30/35                     


NC30 alloy handlebars solid or tubular (fit standard clamps)

NC30/35 steel clipons (race)

NC30/35 alloy clipons (race)

NC30/35 alloy clipons (road – 12mm raise to clear speedo)  

NC30/35 alloy captive front wheel spacers

NC30/35 rear wheel nut spacer (black or silver)

Crash bungs NC30/35 (fairing must be cut for clearance)

NC30 (please specify early or late type) fork uprate kit

(springs, spacers, race grade oil, level setting tool)

NC35 fork uprate kit

DIY revalve kits -     

(exchange compression valve assemblies built to your required specification with RaceTech Gold valves)                                

For NC30 late type forks

With NEW RaceTech G2R valves (for NC30 or NC35 forks)

RaceTech cartridge emulators (for early type forks)

NEW NC30 (late type fork) anti-dive (anti-bottoming) spring kit  (auxiliary springs which increase the effective rate for the last inch of  fork travel to prevent bottoming under heavy braking)

Full fitting instructions included with all fork kits


NC30 race can fitting kit      

(adaptor, clamp, can hanger, plus sleeve to refit standard can)                                                            


EBC clutch kits -

        Road kit

        Race kit (carbon/kevlar plates)

Extra clutch spring


NC30/35 starter blanking plug (race use only)

NC30/35 water pump blanking plug (for use with electric pump)


Main jets (any size up to #160) - Standard type -

                                                     Dynojet -

Pilot jets (standard  #35)

Carb needle shims (precision machined) 0.5 or 1.0mm

NC30 carb float chamber gaskets

NC30/35 stainless carb allen screw kit (float chamber/top cover)

Dual density air filter foam

15mm single density air filter foam

Sub air filter

Fuel tap vacuum hose (thick wall rubber, will not kink or split)


NGK spark plugs ER9EH or ER10EH

Copper cored HT lead (red)

Varta Batteries



       NEW YTR9-BS

(YTR9-BS is a special high capacity battery for use with total loss ignition systems – will give 60% more run time than the stock battery)


Heavy duty regulator/rectifier

Earth upgrade kit (4 cables - directly earths harness, starter, coils)

NC30 derestriction resistor (plug & play)

Brake pads - Honda/Nissin OE Fronts

EBC brake pads - HH Fronts

                              Std Rears

Front discs - EBC Pro-lite or Stealth

NEW EBC Pro-lite X-discs – lighter than original Pro-lites, 6 button square drive system eliminates rotor warping

Rear discs  - EBC

                   - Stealth

SPECIAL OFFER    Stealth wavy rear disc NC30/35

Brembo mini rear brake fluid reservoir

Alloy body panel washers c/w stainless screws

RC30 replica single seat unit for NC30 (white GRP)

Spine tank pads (black or clear)

Screen bolts (black anodised alloy c/w nuts & washers, pk of 8)

Screens NC30/35 Clear or Tint

          - Standard

          - Double Bubble


Sprockets -

JT steel front 14t, 15t or 16t (525 chain)

JT steel rear 38t or 40t (525 chain)

Talon steel front 14t or 15t  (520 chain)

Talon anodised alloy rears -

525 chain:       - 37t - 43t

                        - 44t - 45t

520 chain:       - 36t – 43t      

                        - 44t - 49t

DID chain:      - 520 O-ring     

                        - 520 X-ring (gold)

                        - 525 O-ring   

                        - 525 X-ring (gold)

NC30/35 Alternator rotor puller (bolt type M20x1.5)

NC30 Factory workshop manual (Honda reprint)

NC30 HRC TT Formula 3 setup manual/parts list

Shift light kit - plug in fitting, 2 minute setup


Honda genuine parts - NC30

Throttle cable `A`

Throttle cable `B`

Choke cable

Clutch cable

Speedo cable

Front brake lever

Clutch lever

Fork seals (pair including dust seals)

Headraces (full set including seals)

Clutch springs (set of 3)

Clutch nut

Clutch nut wrench (also fits engine mounts/swing arm)

Clutch cover gasket

Alternator cover gasket

Sump gasket

Head gasket

Cam cover gasket

Exhaust gasket (ring type)

Exhaust gasket (sleeve type)

Carb mounting rubber

Air filter

Oil filter

Oil sump drain plug washer

Headlamp bulb (60/35w)

Fuel tap repair kit

Front mudguard brackets

Speedo drive joint

Water pump O-ring


Most genuine NC30/35 parts supplied under list price - email with your requirements.



Nitron Shocks


Non remote reservoir shock with preload, ride height and single proportional damping adjustment



Remote reservoir shock with preload, ride height and separate compression & rebound damping adjustment



Remote reservoir shock with preload, ride height and separate high and low speed compression & rebound damping adjustment.


The major components are common to all these shocks, so the difference across the range is only in the level of adjustability, not the build quality. All are custom built to suit your weight and style, and are available in standard or over stock lengths.


Now available with hydraulic preload adjustment


Sprint Steering Dampers

140mm Sprint side mount steering damper complete with fork clamp and fittings for NC30/NC35 (please specify) - Black or Gold



NC30/35 road/race radiators - 33mm thick core, fittings as per stock including fan brackets, 40% better cooling than original equipment         Lower Radiator and Upper Radiator


Alloy Rear Subframes

NC30 and NC35 models available – brackets for stock mudguard & all fittings except pillion pad, strictly race/solo use only. Around 2.5kg lighter than the stock steel subframe.                                 



NC30 Ignitech Programmable Ignition Systems

Supplied ready to `plug and play`, loaded with either Standard or HRC ignition map.

Standard map is the UK-spec ignition curve but without the original noise and emissions related midrange `dip`.

Package includes users manual, `idiots guide` to programming, software, alternative maps and 9-pin (RS232) serial programming lead.                                                                                                  

Supplied with USB programming lead

With external wiring for shiftlight and quickshifter

Power lead (from 12V battery for `on the bench` programming)


NC35 version will be available shortly, price

Pattern Parts

Not Honda original equipment, but may prove useful if you are on a budget…


Throttle `A` cable

Throttle `B` cable

Clutch cable

Full engine gasket set

Valve guide seals


Rear caliper piston kit (one new piston & both seals)

Air filter (HiFlo)

Oil filter (HiFlo)

Short (50mm) Oil filter     

(For use with sandwich plate or RC30 type oil/water cooler)                                                              

NC30 mirrors (long arm type)


HRC Replica carb kits for NC30 and NC35


NC30 HRC replica carburettor kit

Equivalent to Honda part# 06160-NKA-000 and consists of  -

            4 - 8ZF needles

            4 - 8ZG needles

            4 - 1.0mm needle shims

            4 - 0.5mm needle shims

            2 - Front (4-hole) emulsion tubes

            2 - Rear (5-hole) emulsion tubes

Also available as per original race kit -

           Main jets #140 - #150

           Pilot jets #38 - #42


NC35 HRC replica carburettor kit

Equivalent to Honda part# 06160-NKA-900 and consists of -

           4 - J9MA needles

           4 - J9MB needles

           4 - J9MC needles

             12 - Needle circlips

              4 - 0.5mm needle shims

           4 - Emulsion tubes

           4 - Slide springs

           2 - Short velocity stacks

(for practical reasons the velocity stacks are standard 20mm, not

HRC 30mm type, as the latter are now unobtainable and not economically viable to reproduce...)

Also available as per original race kit -

           Main jets #142 - #158

NC35 kit is available without velocity stacks if required

NC35 HRC spec carb slide springs available separately

NC30/35 HRC Quick Action (1/6 turn) throttle


NOTE   The NC35 kit is currently sold out – I may produce another batch if there is sufficient interest, please contact me…


UPDATE DECEMBER `08 – I have a new batch of NC35 HRC kits` in the pipeline` with delivery expected around mid-February `09.


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Free UK carriage on anything which can be sent as a `large letter` (i.e medium sized Jiffy bag less than 25mm thick) anything larger will be charged at cost. Heavy/valuable items (e.g. shock absorbers & chains) will be sent by overnight courier (current cost £7).


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